Suite Flamenca nº1

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Year: 2021

Style: Flamenco

Duration: 20' 00''

Difficulty: 4



Flamenco suite nº1 (Alegrías, guajira and tanguillos)

Love and me
The work is based on the rhythm of the Alegrías del flamenco.
In the first part, a harmonic ostinato with two melodies is presented: a leitmotif and the A theme.
Part B is contrasting, much more rhythmic than the previous one and contains the typical staff of the 
Escobillas. Las Escobillas is the part that is used to accompany the dance in the Alegrías. This staff 
has been harmonically modified creating a more contemporary sound, similar to soundtracks.

De aquí y de allí (Guajira)
The work is based on the Guajira pattern of flamenco but starting in tonic instead of dominant.
La Guajira is older, but a nod has been made to all the back and forth cantes that were smaller and cameback larger. In this way, the work begins in a minor mode, passing in the central zone to the major 
It should be noted that the formal structure is a ternary Lied, ABA, ending again in a minor key. It canbe seen in its small development how it modulates by major thirds from A major to Fa, then to Db or C#, returning again to A major before moving to the minor mode.

Reales and pesetas (Tanguillos)
The work is based on the rhythm of the tanguillos from Cádiz.
Within the work a small review has been made of the most international tanguillos, “Aquellos duros 
One of the characteristics of this movement is the constant polyrhythm between binary and ternary. As for the form, it is quite complex, highlighting that as it is the last movement of Flamenco Suite No. 1, 
it ends in a happy and triumphant way, characteristic of tanguillos.
A short and cheerful motif has been composed to be used as a chorus.
The work mixes different styles such as classical development, flamenco rhythm and modern harmony.