Hero y Leandro

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Year: 2006

Style: Poema sinfónico

Duration: 20' 00''

Difficulty: 4

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“Legends of love from Greek mythology” many are the legends that speak of heroic battles, Gods, etc, but I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than talking about pure love that still lasts in our times.

A long time ago lived in ancient Greece specifically in the city of Sesto, next to the Peloponnese, a beautiful maiden named Hero, consecrated to Aphrodite and courted by Apollo and Eros.
Apollo in one of her courtship, gave Hero a light as a present of love towards her.

Temple of Aphrodite
One day taking care of some tasks, she saw the beautiful Leandro, who had humbly brought his offerings to the sacred place. From that moment on, his heart only beat for his, he who had also been captivated by the beauty of the young woman confessed her love with the joy of knowing that he was reciprocated by Hero.

Temple of Apollo
The parents of the young woman strongly opposed the marriage and sowed the path of difficulties by transmitting the events to Apollo. Finally, after a long deliberation by the God Apollo, they decided to take her to an island far from her in order to move her away from hers in love with her, Leandro with her.

But a love so great and pure had arisen in them that they planned a strategy to continue seeing each other in secret. By means of the light (gift from Apollo), Hero warned Leandro that he was on the opposite bank of the strait, that there was no danger and the way was clear to visit her. Every day when he saw the light, Leandro eagerly threw himself into the Hellespont and swam across it to meet his beloved Hero.
Thus they enjoyed his love for a time. Again and again Leandro defied death in the strong waves of the sea, encouraged by the reward of seeing his beloved. Few hours of the night they could stay together, for fear of being surprised and as soon as he saw the dawn Leandro would return to his house, hoping that he would return the next day.

Until one night a strong gale broke out that made the lamp by which Leandro was guided go out. Due to this, he prevented his return, leaving the visit for when the storm calmed down. The spirited young man who had recently begun the journey redoubled his efforts but the furious waves ended his life.
At dawn the next day, Hero, anguished, had gone to the beach trying to receive news of her lover, when a huge wave deposited Leandro at her feet before the terror of the girl. Hero could not bear that loss of her, which was everything to her and decided to march in search of her, throwing himself into the turbulent waters that had barely calmed down.

The melody of the Apollo hymn is original of the time. You can see in the graph the writing taken from a column.