Concierto para trompeta

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Year: 2018

Style: Concierto

Duration: 20' 00''

Difficulty: 4

2º movimiento


Score & parts.

This concert was commissioned by the trumpeter Luis González Martí, to whom it is dedicated. It should be noted that the work was awarded the Gold medal at the Global Music Awards in California before being world premier.

The concert consists of three movements: cantos a la tierra, atardecer en la cueva and noche latina.

The first movement tries to imitate a cantaor, going through various flamenco styles, mixing and varying the melodic turns and rhythms characteristic of this style. At a formal and structural level, it follows the classical concert patterns with a development of the exposed elements.

The second movement is a great flugelhorn ballad that could very well be an Original Soundtrack. It takes us to the depth and serenity of the sunset seen from a cave with its reflections and colors. The shape is tripartite and contains a culminating point where all the exposed elements overlap. The main melody fades like the last ray of light behind the mountain.

The third movement introduces us to the Latin rhythms with the great confusion of a night out. Different melodies can be heard from the same point, even making us experience a chaos of elements in our ears. Different music is mixed in venues, groups, attractions, vehicles, etc., and we can even hear a recap of the first movement. In general, it is a rhythmic and melodic explosion designed to make the listener enjoy.