Concierto para piano

Year: 2016

Style: Concierto

Duration: 25' 00''

Difficulty: 3

Demo midi

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Instrumentation: 2222 22 timp string

In general, this concert contains in itself much of the history of music. It is a current concert done in the traditional style as far as form and orchestration are concerned, since we can glimpse in his different movements a young Beethoven, Ravel himself, as well as the Russian nationalist school.

It is worth highlighting the great piano virtuosity with nods to Liszt and Albéniz, where the most exuberant resources of the instrument are exposed.

It stands out for using a consonant harmony within an apparently atonal framework with resources from soundtracks and jazz among others.

The thematic development leads the musical growth towards the golden sections, forming powerful, exciting and apotheosis culminating sections where the constant polyrhythm and the bitonality go masterfully unnoticed.

Melodically he uses everything from arpeggios to mathematical motifs as well as large and enveloping melodies in the style of Rachmaninov.

It is a concert that will not leave anyone indifferent, with its mixture of penetrating harmonies, rhythm games, virtuosity, exuberance and emotional force combined in turn with beauty, subtlety, fragility and evocations capable of moving the listener.